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Beyond the Classroom

At Officer Secondary College, students will pursue excellence and show commitment in all of their endeavors, within the learning environment and ‘beyond the classroom.’

Students are 21st century learners in a global community; students are leaders; students participate in projects and activities ‘beyond the classrooms.’

The curriculum that is offered at Officer Secondary College recognises diversity and individual’s gifts, talents and interests. The co-curricular program challenges students to try new things, extend themselves and explore opportunities available. These include:

  • Outdoor Education experiences through camps
  • Performing Arts
  • Inter-house sports-athletics, Swimming, Cross-country and Learning Community activities
  • Inter-school Competitions, (district and State levels for selected athletes)
  • Round Robins
  • Community projects – Art show, combined
  • Officer Specialist and Officer Secondary
  • School projects,
  • Global Projects
  • Collaborative Changshu China- Victoria project

Merit system- 2 levels. Excellence-recognising potential for academic ability and challenging students to achieve at a higher level; Achievement-encouraging all students to undertake a merit task and recognising achievement and effort.
Clubs- e-learning leaders, Robotics, Movie Making (Adobe youth Voices), robotics, Arts and Crafts, Book and Computer games.

Staff identify emerging talent and work with the college leadership to provide opportunities to extend, motivate and inspire students to show commitment towards their goals.