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High Achiever Program

Officer Secondary College would like to invite eligible students to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the 2025 intake to the Year 7 High Achiever Program (HAP).

  • HAP Booklet 2024
  • HAP Expression of Interest Form

Officer Secondary College High Achiever Program (HAP)

Officer Secondary College is excited to introduce the High Achiever Program (HAP) for the 2025 intake. This program is designed for students in Years 7-9 who exhibit high academic ability, exceptional talent, and a strong desire to excel. The HAP aims to enhance learning capabilities by promoting problem-solving, critical thinking, and a keen sense of inquiry.

Our Vision

Our goal is to recognize and nurture high-achieving, talented students through a program that challenges and encourages them to excel in all subject areas. This includes differentiated curriculum, participation in both in-school and external activities, competitions, and specialized courses.

Program Overview

The HAP at Officer Secondary College celebrates a broad definition of achievement, focusing on intellectual, academic, and creative pursuits. It offers a stimulating environment where high-achieving students can collaborate with peers of similar abilities. Our dedicated educators provide enriched learning experiences, aiming to develop students’ knowledge and critical thinking skills to their fullest potential.

Program Goals

The objectives of the High Achiever Program include:

  • Providing access to an advanced curriculum that motivates students towards excellence.
  • Addressing the individual academic needs of high-achieving students.
  • Incorporating programs that foster 21st-century learning skills.
  • Developing deep understanding and critical thinking capabilities.
  • Enhancing analytical and creative skills.
  • Promoting effective problem-solving and cooperative learning.
  • Offering accelerated pathways for VCE and university enhancement options.

Support and Monitoring

Students in the HAP receive close monitoring and support from a dedicated team, including the Assistant Principal (Curriculum), Curriculum Leader, and Program Coordinator. This ensures personalized attention to each student’s needs and opportunities for exploring future career pathways.

Extra-Curricular and Extension Opportunities

HAP students are encouraged to engage in a range of extension programs offered at the college. Participation in these activities will further enhance their studies as part of the HAP program. These activities may include:

  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Australian English Competition
  • Australian Science Competition
  • Debating
  • Instrumental Program
  • Science Talent Search
  • Adobe Youth Voices
  • Student leadership forums
  • Interschool sport
  • Lunchtime activity clubs
  • Overseas learning experiences-Study tour to China, Young Leaders to China tour.
  • Collaborative projects
  • Premiers Spirit of Anzac Award in Years 9 and 10
  • Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Scholarship
  • Excursions and workshops


How to Apply and Application Form

Application Process

The selection process for the HAP involves several steps, beginning with an Expression of Interest, followed by participation in the High Achievers Program Exam. Successful candidates will be notified of their provisional acceptance into the program.

The selection process for the HAP includes:

  • Step 1: Submit an Expression of Interest
    • Report: Most recent Term 2 or Term 4 report.
    • NAPLAN Results: Latest available results.
    • Letter of Recommendation: From a teacher, highlighting the student’s abilities and potential.
    • Students are required to complete a hand-written letter of application on the form provided by the school.
    • Students interested in applying for the HAP for the next school year (Year 7, 8, or 9) must submit an application with the following compulsory documentation:
  • Step 2: Participation in the High Achievers Program Exam
    • Shortlisted students will receive a letter of invitation to participate in a written High Ability Selection Test at the college on a specified date and time.
  • Step 4: Notification of Outcome
    • After considering all aspects of the application and selection process, successful students and their parents will receive a letter in term 4. This letter will advise whether the student has been offered a provisional place in the HAP.

Important Notes:

  • Application Components: Ensure that all parts of the application are complete and submitted by the deadline. This includes the expression of interest, the most recent report card, NAPLAN results, a teacher’s letter of recommendation, and the student’s hand-written letter of application.
  • Selection Test: The High Ability Selection Test is a critical component of the selection process. It assesses various skills and aptitudes relevant to the HAP.
  • Final Decision: The selection committee takes a holistic approach in evaluating each application. The decision to offer a provisional place in the HAP is based on the application materials, test scores, and other relevant information.

This structured process aims to identify students who will benefit the most from the enriched learning environment offered by the HAP. It’s designed to recognize and nurture high-achieving students by providing them with opportunities to excel academically and develop their potential further.


Key Dates for 2025 Intake

  • Parent Information Night: 17th April 2024
  • Expression of Interest Deadline: 22 July 2024
  • Examination/Entrance Test: 27 July 2024 at Officer Secondary College from 2 pm to 4 pm
  • Notification of Acceptance: Term 4

Parent Information Night

We invite Year 6 students and their families to an information night on 17th April 2024 at 6:00 PM. This event will provide detailed insights into the HAP, its benefits, and the application process. It’s an excellent opportunity for families to make informed decisions about their child’s academic journey.

Join us to learn more about how the High Achiever Program can offer your child a path to academic excellence and a future filled with opportunities.

For further inquiries, please contact Officer Secondary College. We look forward to welcoming you to our information night and exploring the possibilities within the HAP together.