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Curriculum andPathways

Officer Secondary College is a 21st century learning community with strong partnerships between students, teachers, families and the broader community. Our academic program actively supports students through their early secondary years.

Teachers collaborate, plan and share expertise to ensure that students are engaged and inspired to achieve success. Teachers facilitate and provide instruction to students to meet their learning needs, responding to students’ interests and enabling them to become independent lifelong learners. Officer Secondary College provides personalised learning for all students.

An integral aspect of the curriculum development has been the incorporation of the New Pedagogy for Deep Learning and the development of the key 21ST century competencies:

  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Citizenship
  • Communication
  • Character

This program prepares students to be lifelong learners, who are creative and collaborative problem solvers who develop skills to make a contribution to our global community.

The College BYOD program provides students with a one to one device essential for the development of 21st century skills. The use of a digital device underpins the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and provides a platform to ensure that there is equitable access for all. The managed BYOD means that all students have a device that the schools’ ICT infrastructure can support. The specifications are carefully considered so that all students can access programs and tools necessary for their ongoing learning. The devices are managed through a third party and each device purchased for year 7 will suit the needs of students until the end of year 9. Devices for later year’s students are chosen once a student selects a pathway so it is suitable to meet their needs.

The College prides itself on offering a comprehensive curriculum which includes all the key disciplines. The college has implemented the Australian Curriculum and students at Year 7 and 8 complete studies in Mathematics, English, Science, LOTE-Chinese, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Sport, Visual Art, Performing Arts and Technology.

Year 9
At Year 9 students will continue to study a range of compulsory subjects but will be encouraged to develop areas of interest through an elective program.
Year 10
Students will continue to study a range of core subjects but will have the opportunity to access a variety of electives. Acceleration into the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or alternatives programs is an option for selected students.

Year 11 and 12
At the senior level, students will be offered a range of pathways either through a VCE, VET or Higher Education pathways. A broad range of senior subjects will provide students with opportunities to follow a career choice, curriculum strengths and personal interests.