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Student Leadership

Developing student’s confidence and leadership qualities.

Officer Secondary College provides a supportive environment in which students are prepared to take on challenges, be that in the classroom, in sport or by taking a role in student leadership. Our supportive environment means that students can develop the leadership qualities needed to succeed in school and beyond.

At Officer Secondary College there are many opportunities for active participation. These positions include (in our first year):

  • Learning Community Captains (Male and Female)
  • Learning Community Sports Captains (Male and Female)
  • School Captain: one male and one female

These positions are awarded based upon rigorous process that includes a written application and an interview. There are a variety of responsibilities and activities that the student leadership team are involved with during the year, with a particular emphasis upon building their capacity as leaders. Student leaders complete duties during Learning Community Time as required and encourage the student body to participate in house sports and other school based activities.

These opportunities allow students to enhance their leadership skills, to experience success and meet challenges which build self-confidence and resilience. Through this process we allow our students to achieve the school motto of ‘Learning Together; Learning to Lead; Together we Inspire’ and to build on the six school values.

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