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Pastoral Care

To facilitate Pastoral Care and allow each student to be known and feel connected, Officer Secondary College has implemented six Learning Communities.

These Learning Communities, led by a Learning Community Leader, foster an encouraging and friendly atmosphere in which students can learn effectively, and on preventing problems before they occur. Currently each Learning Community has a designated colour and school value (Excellence, Respect, Inclusion, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Citizenship) which they promote to the wider school community. As part of the work in 2015 the six learning communities were named to reflect their value.

Each Learning Community is led by a Learning Community Leader, whose primary responsibility is to support the students in their Learning Community during their time at Officer Secondary College. This support includes closely monitoring the academic and personal growth of each student in their Learning Community. Students remain in the same Learning Community throughout their time at Officer Secondary College, which allows Learning Community Leaders to develop a close relationship with each student and understand each student individual needs. Learning Community Leaders liaise with student’s families as the need arise.

Learning Community time occurs every morning and allows students to interact with their Learning Community Leader and their peers on a regular basis. Learning Communities also provide the basis where by students compete through intra-school sport, sports carnivals and other competitions.